from 4 to 8 August

Ritratti Festival 2020





music by Sollima, Galliano, J.S. Bach, Piazzolla

Richard Galliano accordion + Ensemble ’05

double set:

at sunset 8:00 pm / evening 10:00 pm


sunset concert at 20.00


#Beethoven 250

recital for cello and piano

music by L.van Beethoven and S.Prokofiev



evening concert at 22.00


Hemisphaeria trio

Damiana Mizzi, soprano

Roberto Mansueto, cello

Marcos Madrigal, piano

Music by Previn, Bernstein, Piazzolla

6 & 7 AUGUST

single time at 21.00


Enrico Bronzi + Ensemble ’05


sunset concert at 20.00


Hemisphaeria trio

Damiana Mizzi, soprano

Roberto Mansueto, cello

Marcos Madrigal, piano

Music by Previn, Bernstein, Piazzolla


evening concert at 22.00


recital for cello and piano

Music by J.Brahms and Prokofiev




From July 15th:

promo packages available in the section: "Subscriptions" email: info@ritrattifestival.it

From July 20:

ArteSuono, Piazza S. Antonio, 34/35 Monopoli


Tourist Info-Point, via Garibaldi, 24 Monopoli

every day from 10:00 to 20: oo

8th August

Cristo Re feast

Music and luminaries, but also bruschetta festival typical desserts and artisan ice cream.

14th – 15th – 16th August

Veneration of Madonna della Madia

The 14th, 15th and 16th of August are the most eagerly awaited days for Monopoli celebrations for historical cultural and tourist aspects. It is the commemoration of the landing of the Sacred icon of Madonna della Madia. The event is repeated twice a year, in August and the night between 15th and 16th of December, when at dawn, according to tradition, at the port, landed a raft with byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary, after called della Madia because the raft recalled a “Madia” (sideboard) on which bread is raised.

22nd August

Contrada Losciale

On the south coast of Monopoli, in Losciale district takes place the roasted octopus fair, between the two historic farms: Pittore and Losciale (Meo Evoli), completes the celebrations live music and fireworks.

5th of September

Contrada Antonelli

In contrada Antonelli takes place the fried pancake and orecchiette fair served hot and sprinkled with fresh tomato sauce and cheese.

18th 19th 20th September

San Gerardo celebration

Established in 1997 by Pro Loco, on the occasion of the return of the statue of the Saint in the original place, at the bottom of the ancient civic tower in Piazza Garibaldi. It is an important moment of aggregation, marking the rediscovery of the Neapolitan culture. The celebration dissipates any doubt about the ownership of the Saint returned to his place after a long restoration.

19th September

Cozzana festival

Porchetta fair

26th September

Saint doctors day

The church of San Domenico hosts the solemn celebrations in honour of San Cosma and Damiano. It is the second celebration of the year dedicated to the Holy Doctors and takes place at the same time as the most famous one of Alberobello. In this occasion Piazza XX Settembre shines with sparkling lights all around.

12th – 13th of December

Santa Lucia’s fair

From the evening of the 12th, a numerous series of stalls crowd via Cavour a market more then five hundred yards long, takes place until the church front, the festival is dedicated to the saint martyr protector of eyesight. The festival is particularly felt among the locals as it introduces the December festive season (in which is included the veneration day of Maria SS. della Madia). The market goes on all night, with visitors from very early hours in the morning,  carrying out the very first Christmas shopping, but especially to buy statues and decorations for the Crib and nativity representation, the tradition includes the purchase of terracotta pots and pans and the “Coccheriddi” (small decorative terracotta bowls and pots).

16th of December

Veneration of Maria SS. della Madia

5:30 A.M. sea festival, arrival at port of Monopoli of the miraculous raft of Our Lady of Madia (Byzantine sacred icon of Ogeditria Virgin) which, according to tradition, docked on the night of the 16th of December 1117 and whose beams were used to complete the Cathedral’s roof works.

6th of January

Live play of the three Kings

Repeatedly since 1951 in Contrada Antonelli, (village not far from Monopoli), the youngsters from the local parish church, Santuario Maria Regina, put up an animated performance of the arrival of the three Kings in front of the grotto.

from 18 January to 3 April

The Season of Prospero


Giancarlo De Cataldo together with the director Nicola Calocero

“A tight mystery. Journey into the world of crime "



Concita De Gregorio

"The game of the world: the invisible army of those who are 30 today"



Alessandro Robecchi

“Souls in pain. What old Philip Marlowe taught us "



Marco Malvaldi

"The architect of the imagination: how to write stories that remain"

19th March

Saint Joseph celebration and bonfire

The celebrations of Saint Joseph, patron of all artisans has ancient origins. Saint Joseph is worshiped in San Leonardo’s church in the old section of the town. It is tradition to set up bonfires all over town and in the countryside villages surrounding Monopoli, and on the occasion very often you get offered local products, local meats and chickpeas.

25th March

Fiera dell'Annunziata

Established around 1358, the fair began on the occasion of the Lord announcement and lasted for eight days. Today the fair lasts only one day and takes place in the area between the town gardens, the port, largo Plebiscito and via Garibaldi. It’s an opportunity to make shopping of any kind.

10th of April

Good Friday and Holy Week

On Good Friday evening takes place one of the oldest and most evocative events:  Good Friday procession attended by many city confraternities. A very heartfelt procession, during which, statues, symbols of the moment of Christ’s Passion are carried on shoulders by the confreres accompanied by the sinister sound of “troccole”. Another very heartfelt rite of the Holy Week it is to pay visit to various sepulchres of Christ throughout many churches.

2nd – 3rd May

San Francesco da Paola celebration

Eucharistic celebrations take place inside the church and outside the parish are aligned various market stalls.

30th – 31st May

Regina Pacis parish day

Procession of the scared icon of the Virgin Mary through the neighbourhood, and in the evening fair of “zucchini alla poverella” (sundried courgette rondels, fried and served with oil, vinegar and mint.

31st May

Contrada Virbo festival

Celebration in honour of San Michele Arcangelo, the village is adorned with illumination around the parish square dedicated to the Saint, in the evening panzerotto fair.

The village is reachable after 8km on the SP237 in direction to Castellana Grotte, diverting to the right for about 1.5km.

6th – 7th June

Festivity in honour of the doctors Saints Cosma and Damiano

Between the end of May and the beginning of June, Monopoli celebrates SS Cosma and Damiano, also known as the doctors Saints, the statues are located in Saint Domenico’s church, the best expression of baroque art in Monopoli historic centre. The central street of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II is embellished by colourful lights. Among the features of the festival in addition to the typical stalls, worth a mention are the Madonnari, street artists who represent saints on the road surface with chalks and sponges.

13th June

Saint Anthony day

Celebrated on the 13th of June in the square in front of the church also known as Santa Maria delle Grazie.

23rd June

San Giovanni Battista festival

All together around the dinner table at home or in restaurants, the locals wait until the midnight, eating spaghetti with a special sauce with olives, capers and anchovies called Pasta alla San Giovanni; just a good opportunity to party along friends and family in the city, countryside and along the coast.

27th – 28th June

Festival of Sacro Cuore

Colourful lights are displayed from the parish church of Sacro Cuore up to Piazza Falcone e Borsellino while live music is performed to animate the evenings. This is the fair of fried fish, youngsters compete within each other for the first prize between the wards of neighbourhood close to the parish church. Together with the above there is the children’s festival and the procession with statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

4th July

Contrada Cozzana

The free-range chicken festival, in Cozzana, opens the summer season. The association of Madonna del Rosario is committed to promote the territory and culture of the district through gastronomy and entertainments.

25th July

Cozzana festival

Festival of panzerotto and pancakes organized by the culturel association of Madonna del Rosario.

26th July

Sant’Anna celebration

In the nearby vicinity of the recent parish church dedicated to Our Lady’s Mother, takes place the panzerotti fair enhanced by lights and music.

31st July

Our Lady month

Switch on of the lights of the sacred icon of Madonna della Madia (patron of Monopoli), set on the bell tower of the Cathedral, and live music.

2nd of August

Santa Lucia district festival

To celebrate Santa Lucia,  which the district is dedicated to, are set up street lights, musical entertainment, fireworks and focaccia fair. 

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